I love.

1.I love how you seem so mysterious

2.I love how you’re actually the opposite of #1.

3.I love how you don’t care about how you dress

4.I love how you look so clueless sometimes

5.I love how you effortlessly look so good

6.I love how you seem so down to earth

7.I love how kiddie you seem to be

8.I love how I often see you

9.I love how you always walk past by me

10.I love how you never seem to glance at me

11.I love how you don’t even know I exist

Oh yeah, Who are you by the way?

Working in the background. Well it’s something that I’m used to, I actually even prefer working behind the scenes rather than having the spotlight. (of course a little time in the limelight wouldn’t hurt would it?).

So why on earth am I complaining?…

Well notice how artists, photographers, designers give their creations this signature or even copyright their work? Well all they want is to be recognized for their work. Well it was a load of hard work and of course they’re proud of it. And that’s just it, as a self proclaimed artist it sometimes really gets to me whenever people don’t acknowledge my work or what I can do. And sometimes they’ll ask me to do something for them but instead of telling me directly that they didn’t like what I did and just re do it, they’ll go to other people and ask them to do the job. How do you think that makes me feel? Well I’ll tell you how I feel, I feel that I’m no good and well I can’t do things well. It’s all very disheartening you see.

Sometimes they don’t like it when you add your personal touch to things, your own personality.The only thing I can say to that is that I’m sorry but I refuse to be a commercialized artist. But I get it, that’s why they asked me to do the job, to do it the way they want to… and my reply to that is THIS.

So all I want to say is that we should give people who work in the background more credit than what we give them cause they deserve more. (sometimes even more than those who are in the spotlight). Cause when it all boils down to proper recognition and appreciation, don’t we want it all?


First off, I’ve decided to make this tumblr my own little writing corner. Basically Facebook’s no good for writing your thoughts (cluttered like hell!!) and multiply is just dead. So while it’s still alive, I’ve decided to flood tumblr with my incoherent thoughts, poorly constructed sentences and my wide array of redundant statements.  I never said I was a good writer am I? haha

So doors…

Why on earth would I entitle my post as Doors? Well this post is about opportunities and how they come and go and all that stuff, and I don’t know I guess doors seemed to be an appropriate title, don’t you think? Well whatever, so much for being artistic

Ever had an experience when you felt that something is an “opportunity”? Like your favorite store having a end of season sale and you just know that you have to go because you’re bound to find something great. Or being given a chance to travel the world..things like that. I guess you can call it those “what ifs” moments. (I just realized What If would’ve been a better title, but then I had to change the previous paragraph so nevermind , you guys get the point :D).

Well today I’ve encountered one of those what if moments. You see there’s this Junior Term Abroad thing in school it’s where you have to reach a certain grade to be able to qualify and they’ll rank you according to how IMBA you are.(imba for those who don’t know is imbalance its synonymous with being great and all that) Sadly though, I wasn’t IMBA enough so I decided to cancel my application in  hopes of dodging those heartbreak moments. So a few months passed and I got over it, I just told myself that while they’re studying abroad, I’ll be working my ass off in the gym and be fit while on the other hand they’ll continue to grow.. errr horizontally, gaining more knowledge and experience is just a bonus factor  of course haha.

So while everything is set for their revised program of study, a friend of mine tells me that due to factors that must be so secret that I do not even know I can actually still apply for the program  (remember the deadline was months ago). So being the naive fool that I am, I got all giddy and worked up. I told myself “hey this is one those opportunity thingies…what now?”. So I got to talk to my dad about it (being the financier of my studies an all) and I thought he’d be all giddy and excited as I am. But what happened was actually the opposite, he discouraged me from applying for the program telling me it was expensive and all that. I told him the school offered discounts and scholarships but I think he was pretty dead set on me not flying to anywhere right now. Bummer.

*cue dramatic music*

Well I’m not really that bummed out about it, I’m over it ain’t I? haha. What annoys or rather what bothers me is that sometimes even if you do grab the opportunity, people can still take it away from you. But I never thought that people that were so dear and close to you (people who knew how much you wanted things or people who hoped that you become a success in life) will the ones to take it from you.

*end dramatic music*

Well I’m out of things to say , it’s 11:11 pm and I still have to read 60 pages of history :)) 

So Hasta Luego mis amigos!